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The Doctors and staff at Westside Veterinary Clinic welcome you to our website. Please continue to browse our website to get to know us and to learn about the many services we offer. If you would like to schedule an appointment, please contact us today! We are honored that you have chosen Westside Veterinary Clinic and entrusted the care of your pets to the hands of our caring doctors and veterinary staff.

We look forward to meeting you!

Our Practice Philosophy

We believe in practicing high-quality medicine and spending time getting to know our clients and their special four-legged family members.

We believe every pet should have a THOROUGH hands-on physical exam at least once a a year and more often as they reach their “golden” years to detect problems early in order to secure the longest quality of life possible.

We also believe in customizing our vaccination schedules to ensure proper protection from disease without “over-vaccination” based on your pet’s circumstances and risk factors.

We believe it is our professional, moral, and ethical responsibility to offer all clients the best pet health care available and then follow their requests for services based on their wishes and what they can afford.

Our History

Westside Veterinary Clinic was established in 1979 by Drs. Bert and Sally Coco. The clinic building, conveniently located on Hwy 190, was once an old army barracks used by the military at Fort Polk during World War II. After extensive renovations, Westside Veterinary Clinic opened its doors in June of 1979. Since opening, the Drs. Coco have expanded by adding a large indoor kennel facility and worked to build a caring and compassionate staff.

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For many reasons, some clients find that they are unable to travel with their pets or have a medical emergency that requires someone else to care for their pets. Westside Veterinary Clinic is pleased to offer only the best for your animal during their stay with our staff.

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Most animal owners consider their pets to be not only faithful companions but also members of their family. Some of these owners have a healthy fear of losing their pet to cancer, and that fear is very real. 50% of all geriatric cats and dogs will suffer and pass from cancer this year alone.

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Dental Care

Dentistry in animals is a complex yet necessary form of veterinary care that our animals need in order to lead long healthy lives. Westside Veterinary Clinic offers not only physical examinations but also deep cleanings, teeth extractions and preventative education for pet owners.

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Persistent scratching, biting and licking by our pets is not a sign of good grooming habits. It is indicative of skin allergies or even skin disease.

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Emergency Services

Not all medical or emergency issues our pets face take place during working hours. Therefore, Westside Veterinary Clinic is very pleased to offer after hour services for our established clients.

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